grey fantailHi there. Welcome to my bird blog.

I really like birds, the big ones, the small ones, the colorful ones, the little brown jobs. I like that every day we learn something new about them; it might be a major discovery like a new species somewhere in the world, it might be some scientific discovery, it might just be a different behavior in a species we see every day.

I like to take photos of birds too, some are actually quite good, some…. not so much. I look forward to sharing some of my photos of the many and varied birds that call Australia home. And maybe some that live elsewhere.

And as a journalist, I like writing stories about birds, what’s happening in my birding life, updates on projects I’ve been following or maybe some interviews with well-known birdo’s.

So in this blog, I want to bring a mixture of my adventures and photos and some of the fascinating news, stories and discoveries from across the globe. There’s so much out there and its going to be fun assembling it all in one place.

Bird news from around the world and around the corner

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